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Lorna Oakes

  • 5 stars across 5 books
    Lorna Oakes was a lecturer in Egyptology at Birkbeck College. As a Specialist Assistant in the Education Service of the British Museum, Lorna has also delivered numerous lectures on ancient Egypt and the Near East in the museum's public gallery talks programme. For almost thirty years she has led small group study tours to Egypt, Syria, China and Tibet.
    25th February 2016

    Stories from Herodotus

    This beautiful children's history book retells Herodotus's stories and brings ancient history to life. Herodotu... More

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    4th October 2011

    Incredible Ancient History Book Box

    This title includes fascinating facts, step-by-step projects and over 3000 fabulous pictures. Explore the history of anc... More

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    • Stories from Herodotus

      Stories from Herodotus

      Herodotus wrote the first history book in the world. That is why he is sometimes called the ‘Father of History’. He lived about 2,50...