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Lisa Regan

Lisa Regan

  • 5 stars across 173 books

Lisa Regan is the author of more than 200 published titles, including puzzle books, children s reference, licensed characters, and curriculum-linked workbooks. She lives in Colchester with her husband and three sons.

30th June 1998


(13 reviews) Review
27th September 2012

Lion Adventure

The human bait was the boys themselves...Hal and Roger Hunt have been sent on a terrifying mission - they must save the ... MoreLion Adventure

(5 reviews) Review
1st February 2011

How Loud is a Lion?

Find out just how loud a lion is while discovering lots of other African animals along the way. Simple text with a repea... MoreHow Loud is a Lion?

(3 reviews) Review
3rd January 2013

Who's There, Spot?

A bigger, brighter edition of this bestselling classic.Who's there, hiding behind the door? From the pen of the famous i... MoreWho's There, Spot?

(3 reviews) Review
26th September 2012

The Black Island

One of the most iconic characters in children’s literature Hergé’s classic comic book ... MoreThe Black Island

(3 reviews) Review
24th September 1987


He felt a curious tingling in his hands and feet. He felt his nose becoming cold and wet, his ears becoming flappy. The ... MoreWoof!

(2 reviews) Review
1st May 2006

Reading Roundabout: My Day

Covering topics familiar to the age group, the 'Reading Roundabout' series encourages the development of reading skills,... MoreReading Roundabout: My Day

(2 reviews) Review
1st May 2002


(1 review) Review
29th May 2014

You Choose!: Don't Get Angry, Annie

Doing the right thing isn't always easy! Like all children, Annie sometimes gets really, really angry! For example, if... MoreYou Choose!: Don't Get Angry, Annie

(1 review) Review
24th April 2014

You Choose!: Wait Your Turn, Tilly

Doing the right thing isn't always easy! Like all children, Tilly wants to do everything right now, and sometimes she ... MoreYou Choose!: Wait Your Turn, Tilly

(1 review) Review
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