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Leo Timmers

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Leo Timmers

  • 4 stars across 18 books
    Leo Timmers is the author and illustrator of "Deep Sea Doctor," the Bookfeather Award-winning "Happy with Me," "I Am the King," "Supermouse," and "Who Is Driving?"

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    • Elephant Island

      Elephant Island

      Arnold the Elephant is shipwrecked and washes up on a tiny island. When a mouse in a tiny boat arrives, Arnold jumps aboard, but sadly he’s too big an...

    • Monkey on the Run

      Monkey on the Run

      No text just pictures. Nice illustrations but not a thrilling story. My children didntd  really enjoy it....

    • The Magical Life of Mr. Renny

      The Magical Life of Mr. Renny

      My kids loved this book. It's about a dog who is great at drawing and can't seem to sell his pictures. Then one day a person offers to make his magica...