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Katrina Goldsaito

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Katrina Goldsaito

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    Katrina Goldsaito (Author)
    Katrina Goldsaito's favorite sound is the sound of bare feet on tatami mats. In Tokyo, she worked as an on-camera TV journalist and producer for NHK-World, and has written for National Geographic, The Christian Science Monitor , NPR, and The Japan Times . She lives near Golden Gate Park with her husband and son, and spends her days eating avocados and working on her first YA novel.

    Julia Kuo (Illustrator)
    Julia Kuo's favorite sound is kuk-kuk-kuk (the sound an angry squirrel makes). She is the illustrator of Go, Little Green Truck and has created illustrations for American Greetings, the Cleveland Public Library, The New York Times , and Capitol Records, among many others. She works from Chicago for most of the year, and from Taipei over the winter.

    25th August 2016

    The Sound of Silence

    Yoshio thinks Tokyo sounds like a symphony hall! He delights in everyday sounds--shoes squishing through puddles, rain... More

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    • The Sound of Silence

      The Sound of Silence

      What is your favourite sound? This is the very question that Yoshio asks the musician in the street who is playing her koto. The answer he receives is...