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Kallie George

  • 5 stars across 39 books

    Kallie George works as an author and editor in Vancouver, Canada, and she holds a master's in children's literature from the University of British Columbia. In addition to writing and editing, Kallie is a speaker and leads workshops for aspiring writers. She finds all eggs enchanting, even ordinary ones. She is the author of the Animal Adoption Agency series and The Winged Horse Race is her first book with Macmillan Children's Books.

    Lucy Eldridge is a traditional artist who works primarily in watercolor and gouache to create beautiful, whimsical illustrations. Lucy illustrated the middle-grade novel Welcome to Nowhere by Elizabeth Laird and her first picture book, If A Horse Had Words, is published by Tundra. She is based in Brighton, UK.

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    Goodnight, Anne Goodnight, Anne

    Goodnight, Anne

    3rd May 2022

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