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Juliette MacIver

  • 4 stars across 6 books
    Juliette MacIver lives north of Wellington City with her husband and four children. She majored in linguistics at university, took a detour and became a bicycle courier for a year, then went back to university to complete a diploma in teaching English. She taught for five years before quitting and starting a government job, which she left once her first child was born. Juliette has always written little pieces, frequently in rhyme, and has had "write a children's story" on her List Of Things I Want To Do In My Life for a very long time. Little Witch is her first title with Walker Books.

    Cat Chapman grew up in Waikato, where her dad was a potato farmer. From an early age Cat has always been an enthusiastic illustrator. She has a design and photography background, but now works solely on illustration. Cat smoothly adds great charm to characters beyond what is written in the text. She lives in Mt Eden with her family.

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