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Joanne Partis

Joanne Partis

  • 5 stars across 10 books
Joanne has always loved anything creative and from a young age has enjoyed painting, colouring, sticking and glueing- anything messy! Joanne studied Illustration at Loughborough College of Art and Design. She now lives in West Sussex with her husband, two boys, and two cats. Since graduating, Joanne has illustrated children's picture books for many different publishers. She enjoys incorporating a variety of materials in her work to create bright, bold characters and loves drawing animals.
5th September 2019

Oh No, Bear!

When a tempting smell drifts into Bear's cave one morning, he wakes up HUNGRY. Bear's clever nose leads him to the delic... MoreOh No, Bear!

(4 reviews) Review
4th April 2002

Arnie the Accidental Hero

Arnie is a very nervous little armadillo. He's afraid of everything: water, bats - even falling bananas! Until one day, ... MoreArnie the Accidental Hero

(2 reviews) Review
11th February 2011

My Cat Just Sleeps

My friends have all got fun cats. They jump, and chase, and play and hunt. But my cat doesn't do any of those things. My... MoreMy Cat Just Sleeps

(1 review) Review
6th March 2003

My Cat Just Sleeps

I love my cat but he's so lazy! All he does is sleep. I wish I knew why he is always so tired...A deceptively simple s... MoreMy Cat Just Sleeps

(1 review) Review
11th November 2021

Goodnight Toucan

It's party time! Toucan's having a sleepover for all of his friends, and they're really excited. Maybe even a little ... MoreGoodnight Toucan

(1 review) Review
1st April 2005

Hungry Harry

(0 reviews) Review
3rd March 2011

We're Not Sleepy!

It was a warm summer's evening down on the farm. In the farmhouse, Mum said, 'Time for bed.' 'But we're not sleepy!' sai... MoreWe're Not Sleepy!

(0 reviews) Review
1st May 2006

Cowboy Ted and the Messy Toy Room

It's time to tidy the toy room! Cowboy Ted, Pretty Kitty and Hector set to work, leaving Spike, who's a little clumsy, t... MoreCowboy Ted and the Messy Toy Room

(0 reviews) Review
6th January 2005

Sleepytime Kittens

This delightful new picture book, from a rising star in the picture book world, that follows three little kittens on the... MoreSleepytime Kittens

(0 reviews) Review
12th April 2001

Stripe's Naughty Sister

Stripe is fed up about having to look after his baby sister, especially when she runs away. The little tiger cub success... MoreStripe's Naughty Sister

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  • Goodnight Toucan

    Goodnight Toucan

    What is THE BEST ingredient for a fabulous sleepover? The decorations? The food? Comfy pillows? Fairy lights? Perhaps its none of these things. 


  • Arnie the Accidental Hero

    Arnie the Accidental Hero

    I liked how Arnie was a very scared animal and then he became brave. The friends apologised for laughing at Arnie and I'm glad that they learnt their...

  • Oh No, Bear!

    Oh No, Bear!

    by Louse

    We loved this book.
    We talked about the animals, and which animals sleep through the winter...