Jane Chapman

Jane Chapman

  • 5 stars across 33 books
Jane Chapman has been illustrating for Little Tiger Press for over twenty years and has produced many best-selling and award-winning titles. She lives in Dorset, England, with her husband, illustrator Tim Warnes. They have two sons.
5th September 2011

The Little White Owl

Once there was a little white owl who lived by himself in the snow. He didn't have a mummy. He didn't have a daddy. He d... MoreThe Little White Owl

(5 reviews) Review
1st September 2014

Is It Christmas Yet?

(5 reviews) Review
31st October 2000

The Very Noisy Night

Little Mouse feels scared when he lies in bed. What is that huffing and puffing? Is it a ghost? Little Mouse asks if he ... MoreThe Very Noisy Night

(5 reviews) Review
3rd October 2019

The Snowiest Christmas Ever!

It’s Christmas time and snowflakes swirl around the bears’ cosy cabin. “Yippee!” cheer the bear cubs. “More snow! More ... MoreThe Snowiest Christmas Ever!

(5 reviews) Review
6th March 2000

Three Little Pigs

(4 reviews) Review
30th August 2002

Big Bear, Little Bear

Little Bear longs to be as big and as fast as his mother. In the cold Arctic snow, Mother Bear shows the little polar be... MoreBig Bear, Little Bear

(4 reviews) Review
6th July 2015

No More Cuddles!

Barry lives all by himself deep in the forest. But this furry chap is never on his own for long. “Come here, Snuggle-wug... MoreNo More Cuddles!

(3 reviews) Review
5th September 2005

The Very Snowy Christmas

It's the night before Christmas and Big Mouse and Little Mouse are putting up decorations. Little Mouse scampers out to ... MoreThe Very Snowy Christmas

(3 reviews) Review
4th March 2013

Hands Off My Honey!

Bear has a great big jar of delicious honey. And he won’t share it with anyone! But Mouse, Mole and the Rabbit Brothers ... MoreHands Off My Honey!

(2 reviews) Review
2nd January 2012

The Slurpy, Burpy Bear

Big Bear eats SO noisily! Slurp! Burp! Crunch! Munch! Yum! the rabbits who live nearby are frightened. What are those te... MoreThe Slurpy, Burpy Bear

(2 reviews) Review
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