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Jakob Whitfield

  • 4 stars across 1 book
    Jakob Whitfield (Author)
    Jakob Whitfield has a degree in aeronautical engineering from Imperial College, and a doctorate in the history of technology from the University of Manchester. He lives with his family in the West Midlands, where he writes about aeroplanes and other topics in the history of technology.

    Us Now (Illustrator)
    Us Now is a design and illustration collective based in London. Their approach to design is creative, inclusive and distinctive.

    7th March 2019

    The Story of Flight

    A beautifully illustrated history of the iconic flying machines that have helped us soar through the skies. Perfect f... More

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    • The Story of Flight

      The Story of Flight

      A good book for young children as it’s well set out with clear diagrams and modern jets like the F35. Recommended to children aged between 7-10 year o...