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Jack Hughes

Jack Hughes

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Jack Hughes has been a professional illustrator for over 20 years, working on various projects all over the world, from theatre posters to magazine illustration and children's comics.

In recent years, having a young family has been a real inspirational for Jack. This has lead to him specialising in children's book illustration. He has created many characters and stories that have been greatly inspired by his young children.

11th July 2013

Dinosaur Friends: Dachy's Deaf

Dachy wears a hearing aid. But sometimes, when his friends get too noisy, he likes to turn it off to get some peace an... MoreDinosaur Friends: Dachy's Deaf

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14th May 2013

Dinosaur Friends: Emmy's Eczema

Emmy has eczema. She knows she shouldn't scratch. But sometimes she's so itchy, she just can't help it. One day, she s... MoreDinosaur Friends: Emmy's Eczema

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14th May 2013

Dinosaur Friends: Steggie's Stammer

Steggie has a stammer and sometimes it takes her a bit longer than others to get her words out. Her friends are in a hur... MoreDinosaur Friends: Steggie's Stammer

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13th June 2013

Dinosaur Friends: Rex's Specs

Rex has to wear glasses, but sometimes he wishes he didn't have to. So one day, he decides to go out without them. But... MoreDinosaur Friends: Rex's Specs

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