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Isabelle Marinov

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When Isabelle Marinov was nine years old, her parents gave her a red  typewriter for her birthday. She started crafting stories in German and  Luxembourgish, her native language, straight away, but it wasn't until  her first son was born that she returned to writing full time. Isabelle  writes across several genres, writing picture books, middle grade and  screenplays. She speaks four languages fluently, but English is her  favourite for prose. She is a member of the SCBWI and a 2017/18  Children's Literature Fellow at Stony Brook University in Southampton,  NY. Chris Nixon is a multidisciplinary artist creating across illustration, graphic design, creative direction and public art. Based in Perth, Australia, Chris's work is inspired by the West Coast and classic surf culture with an emphasis on the handmade and crafted, using colour, texture and pattern across a wide range of media from children's books to animation, commercial illustration and large artwork installations.
7th January 2021

Leo and the Octopus

The world was too bright for Leo. And too loud."I must be living on the wrong planet," Leo thought.Leo struggles to make... MoreLeo and the Octopus

(24 reviews) Review
2nd March 2023

Boy Underground

Boy Underground is a powerful adventure story about Hugo, an autistic boy who decides to go all the way into the Paris u... MoreBoy Underground

(1 review) Review
6th July 2023

Henri and the Machine

What's the point of art? This is the question Henri asks himself when his class is taken on a school trip to the local a... MoreHenri and the Machine

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  • Boy Underground

    Boy Underground

    by ESCP

    Gifted this copy by Sweet Cherry Press, thank you.

    Hugo lives with his parents and sister, Zoe, in Paris.  
    He is in year 7 at school, and he is f...

  • Leo and the Octopus

    Leo and the Octopus

    Leo is sensitive to some things that other children don't seem to mind, and finds it hard to "fit in". He finds that he is not the only one when he me...

  • Leo and the Octopus

    Leo and the Octopus

    by 2021_Y2

    This is a lovely book that explores emotions, friendship, belonging, growth and change in an extremely sensitive and positive way. It touches on many...

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