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Helen Dennis

Helen Dennis

  • 4 stars across 7 books

Helen Dennis was born in Brighton and was a teacher for twenty years. Her writing draws on huge universal questions, and River of Ink was inspired by the question: is it good to want to live forever?

Helen worked as a student at two schools for deaf children as well as Brighton Deaf Centre: one of the main characters in River of Ink is a deaf boy who uses BSL, and it is important to her that his character is strong, funny and integral to the plot and emotional arc of the story.

Helen now writes full time but enjoys making school visits, where she runs code-cracking and creative writing sessions. Previous books include the Secret Breakers series, written under the name H L Dennis, book three of which was nominated for the Carnegie Award.

14th January 2016

River of Ink: Genesis: Book 1

What if a teenage boy washed up on the banks of the River Thames, soaked to the skin and unable to explain who he is?Wha... MoreRiver of Ink: Genesis: Book 1

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12th January 2017

River of Ink: Mortal: Book 3

Jed needs a miracle. If he can't complete his quest within a year, he will die. If he can, he will become immortal. ... MoreRiver of Ink: Mortal: Book 3

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2nd June 2016

River of Ink: Zenith: Book 2

Jed must confront the revelation of his true identity: he is the alchemist Fulcanelli who discovered the elixir of life ... MoreRiver of Ink: Zenith: Book 2

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1st June 2017

River of Ink: Immortal: Book 4

Jed has been hunted across the world in his quest for immortality. Now his time is nearly up. This is the fourth and... MoreRiver of Ink: Immortal: Book 4

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30th August 2019

Reading Planet - The Time Machine - Level 6: Fiction (Jupiter)

"'I have a story to tell you,'" he said. "'But I must not be interrupted. You must let me explain it all from the beginn... MoreReading Planet - The Time Machine - Level 6: Fiction (Jupiter)

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