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Glenn Murphy

Glenn Murphy

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Glenn Murphy received his masters in science communication from London's Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine. He wrote his first popular science book, Why Is Snot Green?, while managing the Explainer team at the Science Museum in London. In 2007 he moved to the United States. He now lives and works in Raleigh, North Carolina, with his wife, Heather,and two unusually large and ill-tempered cats.
31st May 2016

Olympic Sport: The Whole Muscle-Flexing Story: 100% Unofficial

Are Olympic athletes born stronger and faster than the rest of us? Why do tennis rackets have strings? How do gymnas... MoreOlympic Sport: The Whole Muscle-Flexing Story: 100% Unofficial

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6th April 2007

Why is Snot Green?: The Science Museum Question and Answer Book

Why is snot is green? Do rabbits fart? What is space made of? Where does all the water go at low tide? Can animals talk?... MoreWhy is Snot Green?: The Science Museum Question and Answer Book

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7th January 2008


The topics covered in this series are specifically chosen to help children to develop a sense of 'awe and wonder'. They ... MoreInventions

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3rd March 2005


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28th March 2013

Supergeek: Dinosaurs, Brains and Supertrains

How much do you REALLY know about the science that matters? This book features over 300 fun science questions and answer... MoreSupergeek: Dinosaurs, Brains and Supertrains

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4th July 2013

Space: The Whole Whizz-Bang Story

What is a black hole? How do we know that stars and galaxies are billions of years old? What is the difference between s... MoreSpace: The Whole Whizz-Bang Story

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