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Franzeska G Ewart

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Franzeska G Ewart

  • 5 stars across 2 books
    6th January 2011

    There's a Hamster in my Pocket

    Yosser's having a worrying summer. Her family's shop is struggling and Auntie Shabnam is coming to stay to sort things o... More

    (1 review)
    3rd May 2012

    Sita, Snake-Queen of Speed

    When Yosser's best friend, Kylie, comes back from Thrill City she is full of amazing stories about the best ride there... More

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    • There's a Hamster in my Pocket

      There's a Hamster in my Pocket

      by Reebs

      Francesca's writing was so mesmerizing. I read the book in one sitting. It is so refreshing to find books with characters like you where they are not...