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Eugenie Fernandes

  • 5 stars across 3 books

    Olive Senior, originally from Jamaica, is a poet and author. Her short story collection "Summer Lightning" won the 1987 Commonwealth Writers' Prize. She lives in Toronto.

    Eugenie Fernandes is an award-winning children's book author and illustrator. She lives in southern Ontario.

    28th October 2019

    Finding Lucy

    A thoughtful young artist is challenged to overcome a series of unruly naysayers and rediscover the value of her cre... More

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    7th August 2000

    A Cat in a Kayak

    A vet named Victor makes a habit of bringing pets to his Cloud Island home. But the island soon turns in to an overcrowd... More

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    • Finding Lucy

      Finding Lucy

      Lucy is a free-spirited young girl with a talent for painting beautiful imaginative things like the colour of laughter, the flutter of birds, and the ...