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Elizabeth Kiehner

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     Elizabeth Kiehner is the co-author of  Good Girls Don't Make History  . A Future of Work leader by day, graphic novel creator by night, she received her bachelor of arts in visual media and literature from American University. She is a 20-year New York City resident, and a lover of music, beaches and the empowerment of women and girls. Kiehner sits on the board of Upward, SheSays and Women in Tech. She believes that investing in women and underrepresented communities will change the world, and she aspires to reshape conversations inside and outside of the boardroom to drive true equality. You can chat with Liz on Twitter or Instagram at @kiehner


     Kara Coyle is an award-winning creative director and writer. Working in the advertising industry, she has been named by Cannes Lions as one of the top future female creative leaders worldwide.


     Keith Olwell is a creative whose award-winning media includes advertising campaigns, product launches, short films and projections.
      Co-creator of   Good Girls Don't Make History  , he produces work with a focus on human rights education and science education in addition to engagements with iconic brands.


     Micaela is an award-winning freelance illustrator. Her work has been featured in magazines, on book covers and in several international galleries.  She also has a passion for developing art that comments on the continued need for diversity while helping empower women and minorities.  Good Girls Don't Make Histor  y speaks to her desire for equality and the promotion of women's rights.

    31st August 2021

    Good Girls Don't Make History

    History has rarely been told from a woman's point of view. Good Girls Don't Make History is an important gr... More

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