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Eliot Sappingfield

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Eliot Sappingfield

  • 3 stars across 2 books
    Eliot Sappingfield was last seen wearing a blue shirt and khaki pants in the vicinity of his home in Missouri. He is known to appreciate stories, science, and various other geeky things. He may or may not be accompanied by his wife, his two daughters (when they don't have anything better to do), or a goofy basset hound. He is considered unarmed and not terribly dangerous. This is his first novel.
    5th February 2019

    A Problematic Paradox

    Nikola Kross has given up on living in harmony with her classmates and exasperated teachers: she prefers dabbling in exp... More

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    5th February 2019

    The Unspeakable Unknown

    Nikola Kross has battled aliens and won. But her father, who was kidnapped by evil extra-terrestrials, is still missing,... More

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