Eduard  Altarriba

Eduard Altarriba

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3rd August 2020


The migrants must leave the forest. Borders are crossed, sacrifices made, loved ones are lost. It takes such courage to ... MoreMigrants

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7th April 2018

My First Book of Quantum Physics

The world of quantum physics is an amazing place, where quantum particles can do weird and wonderful things, acting tota... MoreMy First Book of Quantum Physics

(2 reviews) Review
11th April 2023

What is War?

What is War? is a book designed to offer a simple answer to all the questions kids might ask when hearing about war and ... MoreWhat is War?

(1 review) Review
7th April 2019

My First Book of Relativity

It’s never too early to start exploring big ideas. This companion volume to 'My First Book of Quantum Physics' introduce... MoreMy First Book of Relativity

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10th October 2023


Economics provides an easy-to-understand explanation for children about the economy, its impact on our daily lives and h... MoreEconomics

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8th October 2024


How are governments formed? How do political ideas shape society? What is propaganda? As part of the My World series, P... MorePolitics

(0 reviews) Review
8th October 2024

My First Book of Evolution

When did life first appear on Earth? How did humans evolve? How did giraffe’s necks get longer? Are humans now perfectly... MoreMy First Book of Evolution

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  • What is War?

    What is War?

    When I was at school ‘war’ was something that was assigned to be learnt about in history lessons. Yes, we need to learn about wars of the past but war...

  • My First Book of Quantum Physics

    My First Book of Quantum Physics

    by Clair

    What a fabulous book! This clear and boldly illustrated book introduces big concepts to a young inquisitive audience. My son loves science and is cons...

  • Migrants


    by Fizz

    Migrants is a powerful and moving picturebook which follows a group of anthropomorphic animals fleeing their forest, across borders and over sea to se...

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