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Dommy B

  • 5 stars across 5 books
    1st October 2014

    The Story of When Trolls Try to Eat Your Goldfish

    In the middle of the night there is a noise - a snuffling and a shuffling and a splintering of wood. A line of Troll pri... More

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    1st January 2015

    The Story of the Dragon Who Hates Poetry

    "There is no dragon scarier, no, not in any place. His face looks like his bottom and his bottom like his face!" Rick l... More

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    1st January 2014

    The Story of Spark the Goblin Wizard

    "This furry beast excels at casting magic spells!" Spark's magic can transform anything. He'll turn the bogeys up his n... More

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    1st September 2016

    The Story of Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh Dinosaurs!

    A young troll must defend the town from a gang of destructive, deadly dinosaurs! Recruiting allies - a goblin wizard and... More

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