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Debi Gliori

  • 5 stars across 82 books

    Debi Gliori studied design and illustration at Edinburgh College of Art, and since then she has illustrated many children's books and has written many of her own picture books. For Orchard these include Mr Bear Babysits, Mr Bear's Picnic, Mr Bear to the Rescue (winner of the Children's Book Award) and the Mr Bear board books which have been translated into nine languages and sold successfully over the world. Debi lives in East Lothian, Scotland.

    9th February 2007

    No Matter What

    (9 reviews)
    3rd November 2016

    Goodnight World

    Goodnight ice and goodnight snow. Goodnight lights above, a-glow. Join in the list of important things to say goodnight... More

    (5 reviews)
    6th July 2009

    The Trouble with Dragons

    The world is populated by some beastly dragons who care nothing for how much they pollute the oceans, chop down the tree... More

    (4 reviews)
    10th October 2013

    Dragon Loves Penguin

    It's bedtime in the land of ice and snow. "Night, night," says Bib's mummy. "Sleep tight," says Bib's daddy. But Bib has... More

    (3 reviews)
    9th May 2013

    What's the Time, Mr Wolf?

    What's the time, Mr Wolf? It's story time with Debi Gliori! Accompany Mr Wolf as he goes about his daily routine from b... More

    (2 reviews)
    26th June 2013

    The Tobermory Cat

    In the village of Tobermory, on the Scottish island of Mull, lives a very special ginger cat. But once upon a time he ... More

    (2 reviews)
    12th March 2015

    Alfie in the Bath

    Alfie Rabbit is splashing around in the bath. His world turns from real to imagined as a gatefold spread is opened. Now ... More

    (2 reviews)
    6th October 2016

    Little Owl's Egg

    I'm your baby owl. You don't need a new one. Little Owl isn't pleased to hear that there's a baby owl in the egg Mummy h... More

    (2 reviews)
    1st October 2017

    All the Way Home

    Daddy Penguin has to look after the egg while Mummy is finding fish. But he wanders away from the Dad Huddle and he and ... More

    (2 reviews)
    14th December 2002

    No Matter What

    A little fox is in a big bad mood, and is worried that its mother won't love it forever. In this beautiful and lyrical p... More

    (2 reviews)
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