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David Mackintosh

David Mackintosh

  • 5 stars across 10 books

David Mackintosh lives in the city, with one cactus and no tumbleweeds. He has long wanted to write a book with a western theme, and enjoys watching old films about singing cowboys, especially when a station wagon appears amongst the horses. At last count, he has one green checked shirt, three pairs of jeans, and a hundred cowboy films. He never makes the bed (cowboys don't), but loves mowing yards, reading comics and drinking sarsaparilla.

4th August 2011

Marshall Armstrong Is New To Our School

Quirky, witty and brilliant, Marshall Armstrong is new to school and he definitely stands out from the crowd; but will... MoreMarshall Armstrong Is New To Our School

(3 reviews) Review
27th August 2015

What's Up MuMu?

MuMu is not quite MuMu today - we all have days like that. But with enough good cheer and fun, her best friend Lox ca... MoreWhat's Up MuMu?

(1 review) Review
27th January 2015


We're having a surprise at dinner tonight... but what could it BE? A joyful slice of family life all about what it rea... MoreLucky

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5th March 2019

Lucky Ducky

Ducky is unlucky-somehow things just always seem to go wrong. So, he decides to look for a four-leaf clover; that will d... MoreLucky Ducky

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29th August 2013

Standing in for Lincoln Green

What if you could have a handy stand-in to do all the things that you don't want to do? A hilarious and heart-warming ... MoreStanding in for Lincoln Green

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3rd May 2012

The Frank Show

There's more to Frank than meets the eye... A quirky, witty and utterly brilliant picture book from the ... MoreThe Frank Show

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27th July 2017

There's a Bug on My Arm that Won't Let Go

What do you do when a bug just won't buzz off?! A beautiful new picture book about sticking up for your friends, from ... MoreThere's a Bug on My Arm that Won't Let Go

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8th December 2015

What's Up MuMu?

MuMu is not quite MuMu today.But with enough good cheer and fun, can her best friend Lox put things right?MuMu is not ha... MoreWhat's Up MuMu?

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  • Marshall Armstrong Is New To Our School

    Marshall Armstrong Is New To Our School

    The book tells the story from the point of view of a child in the class who is tasked with looking after and helping a child who is new to the school,...

  • What's Up MuMu?

    What's Up MuMu?

    by Ashbeee

    We chose 'What's up Mumu' after visiting Seven Stories and seeing the brilliant illustrations by David Mackintosh in the exhibition. It is such a funn...