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Dan Widdowson

  • 5 stars across 1 book
    Charlotte Guillain worked as a bookseller, an English teacher and an editor before becoming an author. She has written more than 100 books, both fiction and non-fiction. She always wanted to be a writer and her top tip is to read as much as you can.
    1st August 2015

    What a Naughty Bird

    In this rhyming romp, a naughty bird flies around the world, pooing on other animals, until he goes a step too far... 'T... More

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    • What a Naughty Bird

      What a Naughty Bird

      by Kate-jw

      There’s a naughty bird who takes great delight in pooing on everybody below him. He makes a mistake when he sits in a tree and does his business on a...