Dan Santat

Dan Santat

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Dan Santat is a New York Times best-selling author and illustrator. His picture book, The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend, won the 2015 Caldecott Medal for distinguished illustration. He also wrote The Guild of Geniuses and created the Disney Channel animated series The Replacements. He lives in Southern California with his wife, two children and various pets.
1st March 2018

After the Fall

SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2019 UKLA BOOK AWARD After the fall, Humpty Dumpty is a broken egg. Life is tough: he's so afraid of... MoreAfter the Fall

(10 reviews) Review
3rd March 2022

The Aquanaut (PB)

  Dive in to this adventurous graphic novel all about saving the ocean from Caldecott-winning author-illus... MoreThe Aquanaut (PB)

(3 reviews) Review
6th April 2017

Are We There Yet?

The car trip to Grandma’s house is taking forever. Are We There Yet? explores the amazing possibilities of imagination o... MoreAre We There Yet?

(2 reviews) Review
22nd December 2015

Crankenstein Valentine

The world's crankiest kid returns to take on the most lovey-dovey day of the year: Valentine's Day. How will Crankenstei... MoreCrankenstein Valentine

(0 reviews) Review
12th February 2015


What do carnivores eat? Mostly meat! Find out what classifies an animal as a 'carnivore,' as well as how common features... MoreCarnivores

(0 reviews) Review
4th February 2016

The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend

On one very special day an imaginary friend is born on an island far away. Here, he and his other imaginary friends play... MoreThe Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend

(0 reviews) Review
16th December 2014

A Crankenstein Valentine

CRANKENSTEIN! He's BAAAAACK! See what happens to an ordinary kid on the most lovey-dovey, yuckiest day of the ... MoreA Crankenstein Valentine

(0 reviews) Review
26th February 2015

The Imaginary Veterinary: The Griffin's Riddle

Ten-year-olds Ben Silverstein and Pearl Petal have had quite a busy summer in the typically quiet town of Buttonville... MoreThe Imaginary Veterinary: The Griffin's Riddle

(0 reviews) Review
28th March 2019

No More Poems!

In the tradition of Shel Silverstein, these poems bring a fresh new twist to the classic dilemmas of childhood as well a... MoreNo More Poems!

(0 reviews) Review
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10th October 2024

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  • After the Fall

    After the Fall

    Who knew that there was a story after Humpty Dumpty. This is a story about facing your fears and perseverance. Not allowing something that you are afr...

  • After the Fall

    After the Fall

    by Psych

    We’ve been looking at traditional tales and Humpty Dumpty in the class this term. We thought this book would be a different take the children would en...

  • The Aquanaut (PB)

    The Aquanaut (PB)

    I did enjoy this book but found it had endless problems and was slightly boring. I would recommend 7 and over. It is a graphic novel and has beautiful...