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Dahlov Ipcar

Dahlov Ipcar

  • 5 stars across 19 books
Dahlov Ipcar was born in Windsor, Vermont, in 1917. She has written and illustrated over thirty children's books. She has won the NEIBA Presidential Award in 2010 and the Kerlan Award for Children's Literature. Ipcar still paints on her farm in Maine where she has lived since 1937.
15th June 2017

Black White: A High Contrast Book For Newborns

Share this book with the baby in your life. It's never too early to read together! From the eminent photographer and ac... MoreBlack White: A High Contrast Book For Newborns

(2 reviews) Review
1st February 2015

Horses of Long Ago

From the first gawky little eohippus of 50 million years ago to his thoroughbred descendants of today, here is a book ab... MoreHorses of Long Ago

(0 reviews) Review
1st January 2003

Brown Cow Farm

Welcome to Brown Cow Farm, an old Maine farm where the animals seem to appear faster than they can be counted. In her in... MoreBrown Cow Farm

(0 reviews) Review
1st January 2010

Calico Jungle

(0 reviews) Review
30th April 1990

Black and White

(0 reviews) Review
10th December 2014

World Full of Horses

When grandfather was a little boy, the world was full of horses: pulling fancy carriages, galloping in front of a stage ... MoreWorld Full of Horses

(0 reviews) Review
20th February 2015

Deep Sea Farm

Take a journey to the bottom of the sea with the gentle merman farmer who tends fanciful fields of sea cucumbers and sea... MoreDeep Sea Farm

(0 reviews) Review
1st May 2015

Wild and Tame Animals

Long, long ago ail animais in the world were wiid. Some were tirnid and hid in the woods, and nome were ferocious and da... MoreWild and Tame Animals

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