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Christy Savely

  • 5 stars across 1 book
    Christy Savely lives in south Louisiana with her husband. They have four beautiful children together and two grandchildren. Her first grandson, Noah, was diagnosed with autism when he was sixteen months old. When he was two, she started writing her blog "Gmaw and Noah". Originally, her writings were only a way for her to come to terms with what the diagnosis of autism meant for Noah and the family, but eventually the blog became more about raising awareness. Savely was discovered by an independent publisher through her writings on The Mighty website and encouraged to write a book for children to help them understand how a young child with autism might see the world. She hopes this book will encourage children to follow a child with autism and understand that while there are differences there are, quite possibly, just as many similarities.
    15th December 2017

    Let's Follow Noah: Autism Through the Eyes of a Young Child

    Noah is not like most children. He doesn't like doing things that are loud or fast. He is happy just doing his own thing... More

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