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Chris Higgins

Chris Higgins

  • 4 stars across 30 books

Chris Higgins was born and brought up in South Wales. She now lives in Cornwall with her husband, 4 children, a sheepdog, a rabbit and a goldfish that will be 21 this year!
For many years she worked as a Secondary school teacher in English and Drama. Chris loves theatre and between writing helps at the Minack, the open-air theatre on the cliffs near Lands End.
Chris also loves to travel and is a great believer in taking control of your own life and making the most of your opportunities.
Chris`s novels deal with issues that every teenager can identify with.

1st June 2014

My Funny Family

(5 reviews) Review
20th January 1994

Would You Rather?

Would you rather drink snail squash or eat mashed worms? Help a witch make stew? Tickle a monkey? Or maybe - if you coul... MoreWould You Rather?

(3 reviews) Review
3rd July 2014

My Funny Family Moves House

It's a tight squeeze as usual in the Butterfield house, and with baby Will's stuff taking up all the room it's getting e... MoreMy Funny Family Moves House

(2 reviews) Review
7th June 2012

The Secrets Club: Alice in the Spotlight

Join Alice, Tash, Dani and Lissa, the girls in The Secrets Club, as they begin their new lives at secondary school. They... MoreThe Secrets Club: Alice in the Spotlight

(2 reviews) Review
14th June 2018

A Boy Called Ocean

One boy stranded at sea. One girl back on land. One ocean between them. The only thing willing him to survive ... MoreA Boy Called Ocean

(2 reviews) Review
2nd June 2016

My Funny Family Down Under

The Butterfields are on the other side of the world visiting Uncle Bruce and Aunty Sheila. Australian life is unlike any... MoreMy Funny Family Down Under

(2 reviews) Review
12th January 2017

Trouble Next Door

From much loved author Chris Higgins and acclaimed illustrator Emily MacKenzie comes a charming new young fiction series... MoreTrouble Next Door

(1 review) Review
4th February 2010

Tapas and Tears

Jaime never wanted to go on the school exchange trip to Spain in the first place. She finds life awkward enough as it ... MoreTapas and Tears

(1 review) Review
1st October 2009

Would You Rather?

Flick loves to play Would you Rather? with her friends: Daddy or chips? Boyfriend or career? Snog or marry? Life is all ... MoreWould You Rather?

(1 review) Review
7th March 2013

The Day I Met Suzie

'My boyfriend could get into trouble if he gets caught. He could go to jail.' I moan softly. 'So could I.' 'Anything ... MoreThe Day I Met Suzie

(0 reviews) Review
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  • Would You Rather?

    Would You Rather?

    The plot twist at the end to do with Flick’s dad’s real mum surprised me loads but it made a lot of sense because it explained why the Grandma was rea...

  • Tapas and Tears

    Tapas and Tears

    This was a light hearted and entertaining story that I’d recommend for anyone looking for something quick to read as I read this in pretty much 1 sitt...

  • My Funny Family Down Under

    My Funny Family Down Under

    by 6ZB

    Definitely amazing! Page-turner! Funny! I would recommend it to people who like funny books. My favourite part was when they saw the baby kangaroos -...

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