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C. E. Addison

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    Addison's Tales has been developed especially to allow readers to listen and learn the songs sung by characters during their action-packed adventures. Author-composed melodies are woven into wildly inventive fables and fairytales that can be enjoyed as e-books, audiobooks, apps and, from 2015, paperbacks as well. Such a cross-media approach allows readers to enter the Addison's Tales musical storyworld from anywhere, online or off, just by searching for Addison's Tales on their device or in the bookstore. The fantastical tales are populated by highly original characters encountering all manner of colourful villains, meddlers, well-wishers and the occasionally disastrous turn of fate. So expect the unexpected, and happy reading ...
    20th August 2015

    Tom Thorneval: Dream Merchant Extraordinaire

    The Addison's Tales musical storyworld launches into bookshops around the world with this incredible story of a half-fai... More

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