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Beverley Naidoo

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South African author Beverley Naidoo was exiled from her home country when she was a student in 1965, for campaigning against apartheid.  Her first children's novel, JOURNEY TO JO'BURG, was banned in South Africa when it was published in 1985 and only available there after the release of Nelson Mandela from jail in 1991.  It was however published in many other countries around the world and widely praised for its eloquent, moving and accessible story.  Her later novel, THE OTHER SIDE OF TRUTH, won the Carnegie Medal in 2000 and she has written many other acclaimed books for children.  Beverley lives in the UK.
13th October 2022

Children of the Stone City

A thrilling, resonant and inspiring novel about justice, privilege and the power of the young to strive for... MoreChildren of the Stone City

(10 reviews) Review
3rd March 2008

Journey to Jo’Burg

This is the story of love, commitment and the flowering of the human spirit against the background of South... MoreJourney to Jo’Burg

(8 reviews) Review
6th July 2017

The Other Side of Truth

Puffin Classics: the definitive collection of timeless stories, for every child. Not a speck, not a stain on her gray s... MoreThe Other Side of Truth

(2 reviews) Review
8th April 2011

Where Is Socks?

(1 review) Review
6th August 2007

Radio Radio

A group of city kids want to start a radio station. They have known each other a long time and have shared their plans a... MoreRadio Radio

(1 review) Review
24th May 2010

Out of Bounds

(0 reviews) Review
5th June 2014

S is for South Africa

" S is for South Africa where two oceans meet, cold Atlantic from the west and warm Indian from the... MoreS is for South Africa

(0 reviews) Review
29th July 2014

Aesop'S Fables

'The Lion and the Mouse', 'The Eagle and the Tortoise' and many more favourite fables await. Sixteen spellbinding storie... MoreAesop'S Fables

(0 reviews) Review
2nd April 2015

Who is King?: And other tales from Africa

All kinds of animals feature in these ten sparkling stories from all over Africa, by an award-winning author and illus... MoreWho is King?: And other tales from Africa

(0 reviews) Review
3rd March 2011

Aesop'S Fables

A little mouse saves the life of a great lion; hungry Grasshopper, too lazy to store food, gets no mercy from the indust... MoreAesop'S Fables

(0 reviews) Review
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