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Anthony McGowan

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Anthony McGowan's first novel for teenagers Hellbent, was published in 2005. It was described by The Times as 'brilliantly nauseating'. Henry Tumour won the Booktrust Teenage Prize the following year and the Catalyst Award in 2007 and in 2010 he was shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize. He lives in North West London.
4th January 2019


WINNER OF THE 2020 CILIP CARNEGIE MEDAL. Things are tense at home for Nicky and Kenny. Their mum's coming to visit and ... MoreLark

(22 reviews) Review
1st September 2022


‘It broke my heart and then splinted it back together again... Magnificent.’ Hannah Gold, bestselling author of The Last... MoreDogs of the Deadlands: SHORTLISTED FOR THE WEEK JUNIOR BOOK AWARDS

(4 reviews) Review
8th June 2017


When Kenny and Nicky rescue a rook left for dead, Kenny is determined to keep it alive. Nicky doubts the scruffy bird wi... MoreRook

(3 reviews) Review
6th October 2017

I Killed Father Christmas

Jo-Jo is convinced that Christmas is cancelled - and it's all his fault. To make amends, he decides he must become Fathe... MoreI Killed Father Christmas

(3 reviews) Review
1st June 2013


A bleakly poetic tale about one boy's determination to save a badger cub from the destructive hands of a local gang. Whe... MoreBrock

(2 reviews) Review
7th January 2021

I Am The Minotaur

Matthew is 14 and is struggling to fit in - something that's extra hard when you're taking care of your mum, being bulli... MoreI Am The Minotaur

(2 reviews) Review
5th July 2012

The Donut Diaries: Escape from Camp Fatso: Book Three

From the Carnegie Medal 2020 winning author of Lark comes The Donut Diaries.Dermot Milligan loves donuts. His nickname a... MoreThe Donut Diaries: Escape from Camp Fatso: Book Three

(1 review) Review
1st May 2008

The Bare Bum Gang and the Football Face-Off

Join Ludo, Noah, Jamie and Phillip - the Bare Bum Gang - as they defend their gang headquarters with Smarties tube fart... MoreThe Bare Bum Gang and the Football Face-Off

(1 review) Review
5th July 2012

Willard Price: Leopard Adventure

Adventure, animals and action in the first authorized Willard Price book by award-winning author Anthony McGowan, for 8+... MoreWillard Price: Leopard Adventure

(0 reviews) Review
7th August 2008

The Bare Bum Gang Battles the Dogsnatchers

More brilliant jokes and plenty of laughs as the gang come together to battle some evil dogsnatchers!Ludo, Noah, Jamie, ... MoreThe Bare Bum Gang Battles the Dogsnatchers

(0 reviews) Review
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    I Am The Minotaur

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