Anna McQuinn

Anna McQuinn

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The National Geographic Kid is curious about the world around them, empowered in the face of challenges and responsible for others and the natural world. Combining these principles with the international educational heritage of Collins, this partnership is a natural fit for books that are funny, weird, exploratory, educational and loved by children.

19th February 2015

Lulu Loves Flowers

When Lulu reads Mary, Mary Quite Contrary in a book of garden poems, she wants to grow some flowers herself. Being Lulu,... MoreLulu Loves Flowers

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1st June 2017

Lulu Gets a Cat

Lulu wants a cat. Mummy says pets are a lot of work, so Lulu is eager to find out more. She reads all about cats in the ... MoreLulu Gets a Cat

(4 reviews) Review
29th May 2003

Sing-Along Rhymes: If You're Happy and You Know It

Join in and sing along to these simple and familiar rhymes. The lively illustrations help each song leap from the page. ... MoreSing-Along Rhymes: If You're Happy and You Know It

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12th April 2018

Zeki Gets a Check Up

Zeki, Lulu's little brother, is never daunted by new experiences. Daddy and Mummy prepare him well, so he's excited to s... MoreZeki Gets a Check Up

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9th September 2013

My Friend Jamal

Joseph tells us about all the things he and his friend Jamal like to do - growing up together, they have lots in common.... MoreMy Friend Jamal

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13th September 2011

Lulu Reads to Zeki

Lulu's mum and dad use stories to prepare her for the arrival of a new sibling and make sure they still have time for he... MoreLulu Reads to Zeki

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28th January 2021

Zeki Gets A Checkup

Zeki is never daunted by new experiences. Daddy and Mummy prepared him well, so he's excited to show the doctor all the ... MoreZeki Gets A Checkup

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29th May 2023

Zeki Goes To The Park

Zeki and Mummy are off to the park to cool down. They meet up with Zeki's friend Yu and her mummy. Zeki and Yu play, dig... MoreZeki Goes To The Park

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28th August 2023

Lulu's Nana Visits

Lulu loves when her Nana visits and can't wait for all the family fun. The family spends the week shopping for presents ... MoreLulu's Nana Visits

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  • Lulu's Nana Visits

    Lulu's Nana Visits

    by Filza

    This sweet read marks a very special visit from Nana-Bibi, Lulu’s maternal grandmother. 

    Part of a wonderful series of books, readers are introduce...

  • Zeki Goes To The Park

    Zeki Goes To The Park

    A very sweet book about a day at the park for Zeki and his friend Yu. It's the perfect summer read for toddlers as Zeki digs in the sand and splashes...

  • Zeki Gets a Check Up

    Zeki Gets a Check Up

    by ChapBat

    Zeki is going for his check up but what exactly happens at a checkup? 

    A very clear and helpful book to prepare children for a visit to the doctor,...