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Anita Bijsterbosch

Anita Bijsterbosch

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I'm Anita Bijsterbosch . I was born in 1961 in The Netherlands. My entire life, I have loved reading. As a child, I could spend hours thumbing through books, looking at the pictures and hoping I could one day make such beautiful illustrations myself. I studied the images down to the smallest detail and made up my own little stories to go along with them.

After high school, I took drawing and painting lessons in small galleries in my neighborhood. And I learned a lot from drawing and painting books. But I also mastered many techniques simply by experimenting with them on my own.

When my children were still young, I read them a bedtime story every night. I rediscovered that some picture books are real pieces of art. That's when I got the ambition to make my very own picture books.

I was remarked by the jury of the Key Colours International Illustrators Award 2012 . The book Whose Hat is That? was published by Clavis Publishing and every book I have made since has been even more successful.

13th June 2019

Hide and Seek, Little Chameleon

Hide-and-seek fun abounds in this interactive book with see-through holes and folding pages from the creator of the belo... MoreHide and Seek, Little Chameleon

(1 review) Review
25th August 2016

Does Mouse Squeak Alone?

Does mouse squeak all alone? Oh no, his little brothers and sisters are there too. They all squeak together. A lot of an... MoreDoes Mouse Squeak Alone?

(0 reviews) Review
25th August 2016

Does Giraffe Eat Alone?

From bestselling, award-winning author Anita Bijsterbosch! Does little giraffe eat by himself? Of cours... MoreDoes Giraffe Eat Alone?

(0 reviews) Review
16th November 2017

My Potty

From bestselling award-winning author-illustrator Anita Bijsterbosch! Something red falls from the sky. "A hat!" s... MoreMy Potty

(0 reviews) Review
15th March 2018

Sammy in the Spring

Winner of an Oppenheim Gold Award and a Kirkus Best Books Prize, Bijsterbosch has established herself as an author-illus... MoreSammy in the Spring

(0 reviews) Review
19th April 2018

My Bed

"Must Read Spring Picture Books. Kids will enjoy lifting the pages to see the animals in their unique beds." - Melissa T... MoreMy Bed

(0 reviews) Review
20th September 2018

Sammy in the Fall

An autumn celebration from bestselling author-illustrator Anita Bijsterbosch! It's fall. Sammy and his little horse, Hob... MoreSammy in the Fall

(0 reviews) Review
11th April 2019

What a Nice Car!

For customers looking for books on friends helping friends and persistence. Perfect pattern and repetition makes this a... MoreWhat a Nice Car!

(0 reviews) Review
11th April 2019

Sammy in the Summer

Winner of an Oppenheim Gold Award and a Kirkus Best Books Prize, Bijsterbosch has established herself as an author-illus... MoreSammy in the Summer

(0 reviews) Review
25th October 2015

Todos bostezan

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Sammy in the Winter

19th December 2019

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