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Alex Bell

  • 4 stars across 18 books
Alex Bell is the award-winning author of FROZEN CHARLOTTE and THE HAUNTING in Stripes' YA horror series, Red Eye. Alex is based in the New Forest and writes young adult horror books and middle grade fantasy books.  Her favourite things include Siamese cats, Old Crow Medicine Show music, vegetarian tapas and visiting New Orleans. She also has a weakness for any schlock horror film starring Vincent Price.


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2nd November 2017

The Polar Bear Explorers' Club

It sounded like a respectable and worthy enough death for an explorer - tumbling from an ice bridge to be impaled upon a... MoreThe Polar Bear Explorers' Club

(35 reviews) Review
4th September 2019

A Most Peculiar Toy Factory

Shadows of teddy bears flit across windows. Dolls whisper behind closed doors. Something has gone very wrong at Hoggle's... MoreA Most Peculiar Toy Factory

(21 reviews) Review
1st November 2018

Explorers on Witch Mountain

The second title in this gorgeously imaginative middle grade fantasy adventure series combining the best of Peter Pan, L... MoreExplorers on Witch Mountain

(18 reviews) Review
4th November 2021

Explorers at Pirate Island

In their fifth thrilling adventure, the explorers journey deep into the Bubble Ocean on their quest to stop the evil Col... MoreExplorers at Pirate Island

(13 reviews) Review
4th February 2021

The Ocean Squid Explorers' Club

In this fourth explorers adventure we meet Ursula, a part mermaid girl who is determined to follow in Stella's footsteps... MoreThe Ocean Squid Explorers' Club

(11 reviews) Review
7th November 2019

Explorers on Black Ice Bridge

In the third magical Stella Starflake adventure the explorers meet gargoyles, sea-gremlins, mermaids, red devil squids -... MoreExplorers on Black Ice Bridge

(7 reviews) Review
5th October 2023

The Train of Dark Wonders

The magical must-read middle-grade novel from the bestselling author of THE POLAR BEAR EXPLORERS’ CLUB and FROZEN CHARLO... MoreThe Train of Dark Wonders

(6 reviews) Review
7th September 2017

Charlotte Says

The much-anticipated prequel to the bestselling FROZEN CHARLOTTE, a Zoella Book Club title in Autumn 2016. Following th... MoreCharlotte Says

(2 reviews) Review
5th January 2015

Frozen Charlotte

A Zoella Book Club Autumn 2016 title “So creepy and amazing [...] I loved it [...] You'll never look at small china doll... MoreFrozen Charlotte

(1 review) Review
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