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I read this book 22nd August '18

Smelly Peter: The Great Pea Eater
Author: Steve Smallman Illustrator: Joelle Dreidemy
I read this book with my mummy and it was very funny for me. (sophie 6)
I read this story with Sophie and she throughly enjoyed it, she laughed a lot and enjoyed the rhyming words.  I would recommend for children aged 2-7

I read this book 18th August '18

Splash, Anna Hibiscus!
Author: Atinuke Illustrator: Lauren Tobia
I liked this book because it was about friends and I like the Anna Hibiscus stories.  The pictures were and helped me read some of the words.  This book made me feel happy and I would like to read it again.

I read this book 18th August '18

My Mum Is a Supermum
Author: Angela McAllister Illustrator: Alex T. Smith
I liked this book, it was easy to read ( I am 6) with a couple of difficult words,  It had good colourful pictures and made my mum laugh.  This book made me think that my mum may also have super powers!!

Was read to me 2nd May '18

Quacky Quack Quack
Author: Ian Whybrow Illustrator: Russell Ayto
I absolutely love love love this book, our copy has gone through three children and is sellotaped together.  Fantastic rhyming language, has a lovely humour to it and is easy to read out loud.  Would be great for a newly appointed big brother or sister.

Was read to me 11th March '18

Sir Laughalot
Author: Tony Mitton Illustrator: Sarah Warburton
Fantastic rhyming story, easy to read as a parent and has great rhythm.  From my daughters perspective, she could read some parts easily and other parts were a bit of a challenge.  She thoroughly enjoyed the story and it was very funny.  We got it from the library and she has chosen to read it on 3 nights in a row.  Illustrations were also great