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I read this book 10th January '18

Septimus Heap
Author: Angie Sage
This is a huge 5 stars, both myself and my son have now read these several times. Really well written, great fun. Much easier than Harry Potter for younger readers but didn't stop me enjoying them too!

I read this book 10th January '18

Author: Ally Condie
Read by both my 11 year old and me! 

An enjoyable "coming of age" story, set in a post modern society similar in concept to the "wool" trilogy but with the political/ ethical issues merely alluded to, or a very tame version of the "hunger games". The focus instead is kept to the emerging relationships and the love triangle and it works just fine like that.

Charming characters, well written, easy read. 

I read this book 10th January '18

Walter Brown and the Magician's Hat
Author: Karen Inglis Illustrator: Damir Kundalic
He has lots of problems but I like that he perseveres. It’s quite adventurous.

I read this book 8th January '18

Author: Linwood Barclay
This is a hard book if you love dogs as Chipper has been used as a science experiment and mistreated. Although he is a lovely dog, it’s really sad. 

The end is a very big cliffhanger so you really don’t know what is happening. It means you have to read the next book. It feels unfinished. 

Note from mum - the experimentation and animal cruelty is distressing - I would not recommend this book for sensitive children. (I read the book as well to confirm this).