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Was read to me 10th May '17

Bedtime with Ted
Author: Sophy Henn Illustrator: Sophy Henn
This is a lift the flap storybook about a boy called Ted using delaying tactics before going to bed. 

The hidden animals behind the flaps are cuddly teddies he ends up in bed with at the end.

I read this book 29th November '16

My Dad Will Do
Author: Martin Thomas
This book is fantastic! The story is based on a little elephant would needs help from Daddy elephant. 
The bond between them is great. This is such a lovely story for my daughter's dad to read to her. She now requests daddy's help when mummy help won't do

Was read to me 29th November '16

Where's the Starfish?
Author: Barroux
This is similar to the classic Where's Wally books. I personally didn't find the illustrations appealing though my little girl did enjoy looking for each sealife animal.

The book flows well without words and we make up the story as we go.

Was read to me 25th April '16

The Smartest Giant in Town
Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
This is a lovely story. The giant goes around his town helping and being kind all his little neighbours.
My daughter said that he was a "very good friend"
We've read this story a few times now and she's started to notice little details in the beautiful illustrations that go so well with this story

Was read to me 25th April '16

Peely Wally
Author: Kali Stileman
My daughter loved being read this.
It had large illustrations and the story is in a large font which is great for little fingers to follow along with.
There's also a dotty line to follow where the egg goes.
This book is great for learning colours