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Was read to me 31st July '16

More Ketchup Please
Author: Adam Bestwick Illustrator: Adam Bestwick
I enjoyed reading this book to my 5 year old daughter and she giggled throughout the story,  of a girl who is obsessed with ketchup. She demands more ketchup and her parents go to any lengths to get her more daughter joined in with the girl shouting for more ketchup. She was still talking about the book the next day.

Was read to me 17th July '16

Beautiful Colouring
Author: Cindy Wilde Illustrators: Cindy Wilde , Felicity French
I love the way it is split into colours and how it shows you different techniques to colour. There are some lovely ideas to create your own colours. It is a book that can be used by younger and older children as some of the colouring techniques and styles are more suited to older children but there are simpler techniques for younger ones. A gorgeous colouring book that I would have loved as a child.

Was read to me 20th June '16

Early Reader Gift Set: (I Wish I'd Been Born a Unicorn, A Gold Star for George, Pirates Don't Drive Diggers, the Four Little Pigs, Grumpy King Colin)
These are a lovely set of stories which are just the right length to keep a child 4 and above interested. My 5 year old is able to read some of the words and they are lovely to read together. My daughter particularly enjoyed the unicorn story.

Was read to me 30th May '16

Get Out Nature Activity Book
Authors: Andrea Pinnington , Caz Buckingham
A really lovely book to do with your children and to learn in a fun way. I would say this book is more for children 7 and above as I feel that they would get more out of it.

I read this book 9th May '16

Shakespeare Sticker Book
Author: Rob Lloyd Jones
This is a lovely way for young children to be involved in classic stories by using stickers. 
Children can make there own scenes and there are things that they can spot within the scenes. My 5 year old noticed there was a rat in the school scene which started a conversation about her school and the school in the scene.
Would definately recommend this book.