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Was read to me 6th December '18

Hey, who's in the loo?
Author: Harmen van Straaten
Erin loves this book, as so many three year olds do when it’s about the toilet! The illustrations are lovely and it’s repetitive enough to keep little readers interested without being so repetitive it drives the adult reader loopy! 
Funny, simple and a must read for little people who ‘get’ toilet humour.

Was read to me 12th September '18

Dear Zoo
Author: Rod Campbell
This is a classic children’s book. I loves it when I was a child and both of my children have loved reading it when they were little. My three year old still loves this book and has done for a few years, as it allows her to lift the flaps and take some control in the storytelling process!
We are all massive fans of this book and author and believe every young child should read this book.

Was read to me 12th September '18

WOW! Said the Owl
Author: Tim Hopgood
Great for teaching colours and beautiful illustrations keep little ones interested although overly simplistic and therefore one you may dread having to read over and over.