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Wrote a Review 2nd July '15

Book pages Happy Birthday, Hugless Douglas! Board Book
Happy Birthday, Hugless Douglas! Board Book
Read to a child aged 2
This was a great book for my little boy he especially loved the detailed and colourful pictures. He also got very excited when he seen all of douglas's birthday presents. And he also kept saying birthday. He also says 'oh no' alot as there are a few disasters that happen when douglas's twin cousins arrive to the party. But all in all it is a great book and easily keeps the attention of a young listener and easy for them to understand. This book will be great for others the same age

Wrote a Review 24th February '15

Book pages Superworm
Read to children aged 2 & 5
This is a great book. The pictures are very colourful and very detailed. I like how it repeated the chant as the kids joined in with it while reading. My little girls fav part is when the bad lizard ends up in the trash. I like the book however as it is about friendship and how they all look after each other and help out when one is in trouble. And that if you work together you can gwt great results to. It was a good happy ending.

Wrote a Review 30th January '15

Book pages The Singing Mermaid
The Singing Mermaid
Read to a child aged 5
We both loved this book mirren loved it especially as it has glitter on every page (perfect for every princess that loves a sparkle) and the pictures were very colourful and detailed. I especially liked this book because from my point of veiw it highlights stranger danger very subtlety as a man (sam who runs the circus) hears the mermaid sing beautifully he then goes and tells her that he can make her famous and she will have loads of money and she will stay somewhere beautiful. And all her friends try to warn her he was a lier but she went anyway and then realises not all is what it seems and askes to be freed but he just ignores her. So someone else has to help her get a way out. This to me from a parents point of veiw has been excellently done to re-enforce that you cant trust strangers and that no matter what they are promising you. That you should never go. My daughter also realised and mentioned that you shouldn't go with strangers or trust them either. She liked that it had a happy ending to.

Wrote a Review 30th January '15

Book pages Room on the Broom
Room on the Broom
Read to a child aged 5
This was another great book to add to our julia donaldson collection. And mirren loved this book to she liked that the pictures were very detailed and that the book was rhyming as she can then help me read it to her little brother. This book was a great book about kindness and friendship and how a little kindness can go a long way. And very well done to. This is going to be one of the books we will go back to time and time again.

Wrote a Review 23rd January '15

Book pages Stick Man
Stick Man
Read to a child aged 5
I really liked the pictures they were very colourful. And lots detail in them. I thought it was very sad that stick man got lost so far from home and that everyone used him for things and didn't even ask him who he was they just picked him up. And i got very sad near the end when he was out in the snow lonely and when the girl picked him up and put him in the fire i was worried he wouldn't wake up and he would get burnt and die. It was a very nice surprise that he got woke up by santa as i never knew he would be in the story. I was very happy that because he helped santa get unstuck from the chimney santa helped him get home again. It was a happy ending. I will read this book again and again. I think other children my age will like it to.