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I read this book 18th August '18

Goal!: Football As You've Never Seen It Before
Author: DK
I loved this book. It is full of interesting facts about football in a style that is not boring. The pictures are great and is up to date that I loved learning facts I didn’t know 

I read this book 16th June '18

Flamingo Boy
Author: Michael Morpurgo
this book was not as good as others I have read by Michael morpurgo. I still enjoyed it as I like reading about ww2. It was about an austistic boy who when the Germans came changed everything he knew and liked. An enjoyable read

I read this book 7th March '18

Sky Thieves
Author: Dan Walker, Jr.
I really enjoyed this book even though the main character was a girl. I loved Zoya and the flying ships if you like adventure and pirates you will enjoy this whether you are a girl or boy I couldn’t put it down once I started reading 

I read this book 6th February '18

Killer Storm: A terror attack at Everest Base Camp. Ryan and his friends are taken hostage. The scene is set for the ultimate Everest adventure.
Author: Matt Dickinson
Although this is the third book in the series it can be read alone. You really have to concentrate on the story as can get a bit confusing but I enjoyed the story. It is about Ryan who wants to climb Mount Everest but come across a terrorist attack. I would recommend for older teenagers 

I read this book 6th February '18

Author: Mitch Johnson
I liked this book. Budi makes football boots but dreams of better things until he gets in trouble. I would recommend this book for 10+ it’s sad but good