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I read this book 21st January '18

Author: Linwood Barclay
I can't wait for Escape, the 2nd book leading on from Chase. The reason I was so hooked on the book was because in every chapter, there was a different view point and, nearing the end, it all merged into the same place and point. This made me want to read on.

The author made it so I had a clear picture in my head of what was happening and the surroundings. This made me fell like I was really in the book. My favourite part was when Emily and the boy found out that Chipper had feelings and started talking via the computer and their phones.

If I had chance to recommend this book, I definitely would. Also, one of my friends read Chase and he said it was a very good book too.

Was read to me 11th September '17

Dear Zoo
Author: Rod Campbell
One of the most memorable books I read to both of my children!