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Toppsta video guidelines for reviewers on the video review panel

How should the videos be created?

  • Ask an adult to film your review in landscape orientation – the reviewer should be in the centre of the screen and the camera should be held as still as possible (or placed on a tripod)
  • Videos should be between 30 - 60 seconds long
  • Videos should be created and sent as .mov or MP4 files 

How should the videos be sent?

Advice for Video Reviewers

  • Videos should be filmed in landscape
  • Try and keep the camera as still as possible
  • Make sure the background isn’t too bright
  • Ensure there is no background noise (e.g. dogs barking, the hoover on, child crying)
  • Film your review in a space you feel comfortable in – e.g. an area you usually read in but be aware of what’s in the background (you don’t want any bills or address information showing!)
  • Hold the book up and show the front cover when doing your video review
  • The reviewer should start by stating their first name and their age. Please do not give the child's full name or any location details. Then tell us the title of the book and the name of the author (and if applicable) any illustrators.

Please can you ensure that any video content that you send to us is:

  • Suitable for us to post online in order to help parents and children find really good books to read; AND
  • Accurate (where it states facts such as name and age of contributor, book and author details); AND
  • A genuinely held opinion; AND
  • Lawful

Please can you ensure that any video content that you send to us is NOT:

  • defamatory of any person.
  • obscene, offensive, hateful or inflammatory.
  • promoting anything that contradicts the Toppsta mission of helping parents and children to find really good books to read.
  • Promoting any other services or website links to other sites.
  • Infringing any copyright or other intellectual property right of any other person.
Toppsta Video Review Guidelines