Simona Mulazzani

Simona Mulazzani

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Giovanna Zoboli is an Italian children's book writer. In 2004, she co-founded Topipittori, a children's publishing house basedin Milan, where she currently serves as editor and art director.Her previous titles include Animal Supermarket, The Big Book ofSlumber, and I Wish I Had . . .(all Eerdmans).

Simona Mulazzani is an Italian illustrator and artist. She has illustrated over ninety books for children and adults, including Animal Supermarket, The Big Book of Slumber, and I Wish I Had . . .(all Eerdmans), which won the Society of Illustrators Silver Medal.
27th May 2014

The Big Book of Slumber

A stunning lullaby book that will both delight and soothe All creatures of the world find time to rest. And in this char... MoreThe Big Book of Slumber

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5th September 2004

I Wish I Had Waited

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21st September 2015

Tree of Wonder: The Many Marvelous Lives of a Rainforest Tree

Deep in the forest, in the warm-wet green, 1 almendro tree grows, stretching its branches toward the sun. Who makes thei... MoreTree of Wonder: The Many Marvelous Lives of a Rainforest Tree

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28th August 2018


A globetrotting story that's the cat's pajamas Felix has everything a cat could want-he has a food bowl, a ba... MoreFelix

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2nd May 2019

My Magic

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12th February 2019

The Home Builders

Welcome to a serene woodland where lots of expectant animal parents are in their "nesting" phase - that is, busy prepari... MoreThe Home Builders

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15th March 2020

The Right Place

A lonely squirrel goes searching for a new home, only to discover that the best place is one where the whole community c... MoreThe Right Place

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23rd June 2022

Claudia's Dream

When elephant Claudia finds a magic lamp and rubs it, a genie appears... But wait, the genie is female! Claudia goes on ... MoreClaudia's Dream

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7th September 2023

The Most Famous Rhinoceros

Princess Beatrix is excited to meet the amazing one-horned creature that has been sent as a gift to her father, the Kin... MoreThe Most Famous Rhinoceros

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