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Petr Horacek Biography
Petra Horacek is an award-winning author and illustrator. His first books Strawberries Are Red and What Is Black and White? won him the Books for Children Newcomer Award 2001. 

Petr was born in the Czech Republic and loved looking at pictures in books from a very early age. His love for drawing began and he used to listen to plays and stories on the radio or watch a film and then sketch pictures he imagined from the story. Petr attended the Academy of Fine Art in Prague before working as a graphic designer. He later married his English wife and they moved to England. 

Petra Horacek Facts
Every autumn Petr travels back to the Czech Republic where he stays in a cottage in the middle of nowhere surrounded by woods. He paints, walks and thinks about new stories before returning home with ideas for new books.

Our favourite Petr Horacek Book Characters
Mouse - from A Surprise for Tiny Mouse
Goat - from The Greedy Goat
Suzy - from Silly Suzy Goose
1st March 2012

Puffin Peter

Delightful and witty, this is a simple story of mistaken identity!Peter and Paul are the best of friends, but when Peter... MorePuffin Peter

(24 reviews) Review
1st March 2006

A New House for Mouse

An ingenious, colourful novelty book with peep-through holes. Mouse is little and so is her house - but her app... MoreA New House for Mouse

(12 reviews) Review
5th November 2015

Blue Penguin

A heat-warming fable about a friendship and belonging from the award-winning illustrator Petr Horacek. A heat-warming f... MoreBlue Penguin

(11 reviews) Review
6th July 2017

The Greedy Goat

A funny, read-aloud farmyard tale that teaches colours and days of the week from award-winning illustrator Petr Horacek.... MoreThe Greedy Goat

(9 reviews) Review
4th September 2014

Silly Suzy Goose

A celebrated picture book is brought to life as a Mini Pop-Up Classic.Ever wanted to be different? Suzy Goose has – she ... MoreSilly Suzy Goose

(8 reviews) Review
1st February 2010


Imaginative young minds will love this bold, contemporary picture book about a boy and his rather unusual best frien... MoreElephant

(8 reviews) Review
6th October 2016

A First Book of Animals

A dazzling collection of poems by Nicola Davies, featuring over fifty different kinds of animals – beautifully illustrat... MoreA First Book of Animals

(7 reviews) Review
2nd August 2012

Butterfly, Butterfly

Peep through holes with Lucy to discover all the coloured insects in the garden in this radiant picture book with a pop-... MoreButterfly, Butterfly

(5 reviews) Review
28th March 2024

What is Black and White?

What is black and white? A penguin. What is black and white, and can't fly? Still a penguin.A hilarious, deceptively sim... MoreWhat is Black and White?

(3 reviews) Review
5th June 2014

The Mouse Who Ate the Moon

A beautiful peep-through story book about a mouse, a tasty piece of the moon and the importance of friendship. When Lit... MoreThe Mouse Who Ate the Moon

(3 reviews) Review
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