Paul Hess

Paul Hess

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Katie Cotton studied English at Oxford University and worked in education before becoming Editor at Templar Publishing. Paul Hess worked as an art director before he began illustrating full-time in 1991. He has since won the AOI Gold Award for Children's Book Illustration. His titles for Templar include Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz and the StoryWorld series.
1st August 2004

The King with Horse's Ears

King Mark has a secret: he has horse's ears. No one knows about it except his barber, who is sworn not to tell, on pain ... MoreThe King with Horse's Ears

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3rd March 2011

The King and the Seed

Old King Karnak is worried. He hasn't long to live, and there is no heir to the throne. So he holds a rather unusual com... MoreThe King and the Seed

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1st March 2013

Troll Wood

This is Troll Wood. No one goes there. Will you? We will. And they did. A family in n... MoreTroll Wood

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24th February 2004

Hidden Tales from Eastern Europe

The walls of Eastern Europe have recently crumbled to reveal fascinating hidden cultures. To reflect this more open pers... MoreHidden Tales from Eastern Europe

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3rd September 2015

The Ghosts Who Danced: and other spooky stories

Ten deliciously spooky ghost stories from all over the world are perfectly matched by Paul Hess' s atmosph... MoreThe Ghosts Who Danced: and other spooky stories

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1st August 2010

The Wizard Of Oz: Pop-up Sounds

This retelling of the classic American fairy tale features perspective-bending illustrations by Paul Hess that work magi... MoreThe Wizard Of Oz: Pop-up Sounds

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1st January 2007

Death in a Nut

When Jack meets Old Man Death coming towards his cottage, he realises at once what's up. "You're not taking my old mothe... MoreDeath in a Nut

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19th September 2011

Nail Soup

On Christmas Eve, Maritza is disappointed. Rainy weather has flooded the roads preventing her from selling her baskets a... MoreNail Soup

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1st April 2007

The Cow on the Roof

Every day Shon goes out to plough the fields, while his wife Sian works at home in the farmyard. Shon feels he does all... MoreThe Cow on the Roof

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3rd May 2012

The Stone of Destiny: Tales from Turkey

For centuries, caravans of camels have travelled Turkey's Silk Roads piled high with exotic cargoes from India, Arabia a... MoreThe Stone of Destiny: Tales from Turkey

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