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Louise Gardner

  • 5 stars across 18 books

    Louise Gardner graduated from Wolverhampton University with a BA Honours degree in Visual Communication. She has been an illustrator ever since, and her worked has appeared on children's nightwear, mugs, soft toys, food packaging, tents and sleeping bags, as well as in children's books. As a child, Louise was always armed with a felt tip pen - in fact, she once had to go to hospital to have a pen lid removed from her nose! And when she was 7 years old she gave one of her drawings to the Queen at a Silver Jubilee celebration. Louise once had a pet rabbit called Socks and her favourite childhood toy was a rabbit called Susan! She lives in Somerset in a converted church beside a canal.

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      If I Were the Easter Bunny

      Great book for children 1 and above.

      My children both thoroughly enjoyed reading this and managed to connect with it instantly.

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