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Elena Arevalo Melville

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Elena Arevalo Melville

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    Elena Arevalo Melville grew up in tropical Guatemala, surrounded by volcanoes and mountains and a large family, including a little green parrot. She has an MA in Children's book illustration from Cambridge School of Art. She is a mother, a writer, an illustrator, a cartographer and leads workshops and art clubs in comics and art for children and adults. Her published work includes a series of Fantastical Maps for Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination, contributions to small comic anthologies, and a tween picture book Niente Principe Ranocchio (No frog Prince) with Donzelli Editore (2014). She lives in Cambridge, with her partner and children and, although she still considers herself a bird person, she loves their little black cat.
    6th June 2019


    Clara finds a magical umbrella which can make wishes come true, but not any old wish. Winner of the Queen's Knickers Awa... More

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