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  • The Bongles - TV Dinner

    The Bongles - TV Dinner

    by Rie

    Published in 2019, ‘TV Dinner’ is a story where Big Bubba is snoring away, dreaming, when a TV washes up onto the island. To his delight, the TV is sh...

  • The Bongles - Pet Washing Machine

    The Bongles - Pet Washing Machine

    by Rie

    Pet Washing Machine is a story where Bubba explores a washing machine which appears beside him while washing himself. He goes inside and re-emerges al...

  • The Bongles - Monster Takeaway

    The Bongles - Monster Takeaway

    by Rie

    The Bongles are a series of books which feature Big Bubba, The Twins, Brainy and Pet Robot.
    Each book within the series involve some kind of rubbi...

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