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Angela Keoghan

  • 5 stars across 3 books

    Steve Martin (London, UK) is a writer, former English teacher, and author of numerous children's books on a wide range of subjects, including The Boys' Book of Adventure, Numberland, and Ivy Kids' Astronaut Academy.

    Angela Keoghan (New Zealand) is a New Zealand-based artist, and has worked as a professional illustrator since 2009. Angela regularly contributes projects across the globe, which vary from branding and website design, to music and publishing. Her whimsical style brings fun and flair to her illustration.

    2nd March 2017

    Inspector Brunswick: The Case of the Missing Eyebrow

    After a long week of investigating crimes and mysterious events, the world's greatest cat detective, Inspector Brunswick... More

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    2nd August 2018

    National Trust: How to Help a Hedgehog and Protect a Polar Bear

    Learn how you can save endangered animals and make the world a better place, too! From beetles and butterflies, to pu... More

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    25th January 2017

    Vet Academy: Are you ready for the challenge?

    Are You Ready for the Challenge? So you really love animals... what would it really be like to be a vet and work with an... More

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