We Went to Find a Woolly Mammoth
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We Went to Find a Woolly Mammoth


We Went to Find a Woolly Mammoth Reviews | Toppsta

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We went to find a woolly mammoth ... and it was NOWHERE to be found.

It wasn't chilling on the snow-covered lands. Or swimming in the icy river. And it DEFINITELY wasn't hiding in the frozen forest.

Everywhere we looked, we found strange creatures instead. There was a hairy scary woolly rhino rolling around in some grass (weird ... we thought it always snowed in the Ice Age). A spotty dotty sabre-tooth cat that was ready for a fight (RUN!) And a spiky feisty giant armadillo (but I crept right past him - armadillos are pretty blind you know ...). But absolutely NO mammoths.

Where could such a HUGE great MAMMOOSIVE creature be hiding?

Meet some of the incredible and unbelievably large creatures from the Ice Age in this laugh-out-loud picture book story that features hilarious, fascinating and slightly bizarre facts throughout. Perfect for fans of We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

We Went to Find a Woolly Mammoth Reviews | Toppsta


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