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Meet Babbit, a garrulous toy bunny who has a startling adventure - that he can't stop rabbiting on about! Picnics, piggy-in-the-middle and evading capture by monsters are all in a day's work for this talkative carrot-lover. But how will his flipperty-floppity day end? A stunning new direction for internationally acclaimed illustrator, Lydia Monks.

Babbit Reviews | Toppsta


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21st July '18
I read it to DorfNC aged 7 aged 7 , to DorfGJ aged 5 aged 5 & to DorfME aged 2 aged 2
Babbit 9781405254229
5 stars
This book has become a family favourite.
The illustrations are lovely and my three children love looking at them. Would highly reccomend this book for anyone with little ones
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Lydia Monks is a bestselling illustrator and author of children’s books, best known for her collaborations with author Julia Donaldson. Many of their books have become household favourites, including What the Ladybird Heard, which has sold over a...

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